What would you save?

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Station Eleven author Emily St. John Mandel said this about her book, “[It’s] about a traveling Shakespearean theatre company in a post-apocalyptic North America. It’s also about friendship, memory, love, celebrity, our obsession with objects, oppressive dinner parties, comic books, and knife-throwing.” The book highlights both pop culture and the classics, such as Shakespeare’s plays. If you were to preserve a few great books, movies, or pieces of music for the ages, what would they be?

One comment on “What would you save?

    If I were to save one artifact in a Museum of Civilization, I would choose the song “Imagine” by John Lennon. The song was released in 1971, long before any future collapse of the world as we know it. In the song, Lennon speaks about his dream of a world with no country borders to divide, no religions to Separate, no possessions. He imagined a world without all the things that lead us to hate, to war, to
    always covet more. Things that have lead us to a world that values physical things and can’t settle on peace. He dreamt of a world where there was peace and “a brotherhood of man… all the people… sharing all
    the world.” A time when we could all be one and not be emotionally and mentally blocked from each other because of the man-made concepts of borders, war, consumer products, etc.
    I would choose this song because in a way, Lennon speaks of a world that is a clean slate, like the new world in Station Eleven. After the collapse in Station Eleven, there are no countries or states, there are no widespread organized religions, and all the people are truly “living for today”. The song reflects the new world in Station Eleven, but not so picture-perfect. But if the people of the new world listened to “Imagine”, I would hope that they could understand that even back then, there were people who had hope and dreamed of a better place, that the ways of the world then had been questioned. I would hope they’d be inspired by that, and realize that what they have before them is a new chance, to create a better world. To realize that there were flaws back then, there will be flaws in the new world, but having hope and striving for human connection is what we need. “Imagine” inspires and reminds us that the world is not perfect, but we can dream and work towards better things, and we can do so together. And that is how change happens.

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