Where We Began

Common Reading at UO began in 2009 as an initiative of the Clark Honors College. In 2014, it expanded to include all first-year students. Common Reading is now coordinated by the Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success, and has had support from the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, the Division of Student Life, the Division of Equity and Inclusion, and the Center for the Study of Women in Society among others.

Although the book changes each year, Common Reading is always about building community, enriching curriculum, and engaging research through the shared reading of an important book.

Courses reading Under the Feet of Jesus during 2019-2020:

ANTH 329: Immigration & Farmworker Course (Lynn Stephen
UGST 112: Latinx Scholars (Michael Hames-Garcia)
[Note: Many other ARCs will be using the in non-seminar (course) settings]
ARCH 199:   (2 sections; Louie Botarro)
ENG 230: Environmental Literature (Sarah Wald)
ENG 243: Introduction to Chicanx/Latinx Literature (Sarah Prestons)
 ENG 250: Literature and Digital Culture (Emily Simnitt)
Environmental Studies
ENVS 203   Intro Environmental Studies (Sarah Wald)
Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies
ES 101: Introduction to Ethnic Studies (Lynn Fujiwara)
All FIGS, See https://fyp.uoregon.edu/2019-fall-figs for full list and individual links below for specific classes in the following groups
[Note:  some FIGs will use the book within their classroom settings; many will use the book as part of co-curricular efforts but all FIGs are requested to use the book in some manner.]
Art of Storytelling: Make sense of the world around us through stories and art
Finding Your Voice –
My Visual Story 
Night Out: Eugene Theatre –
Our Storied Past 
Remixing Media, ©ritiquing Culture 
Stories We Tell 
Tales and Traditions: Africa 
Thinking Media 
War and Peace 
Breaking Barriers: Investigate how different perspectives shape communities
(Anti)Social Media 
Breaking the Wall 
Brilliant Imperfection 
Face to Face –
Human Hierarchies 
Media Mirror 
Money and Me 
Students without Borders 
This is Me 
Going Green: Delve into how we affect the environment and how it affects us
Analyzing Our Environment 
Buses, Bikes, and Automobiles 
Chemistry of Sustainability 
Edible History 
Food & the Garden 
Food Matters 
Inside Architecture 
Science and Society: Solve problems and make an impact on the world through science
A Trip Down Memory Lane 
Exploring Planets
Making Sense of Numbers 
Science in the News 
Startups from the Ground Up 
The Secrets to Success in STEM 
PHIL 110: Human Nature (Erin McKenna)
Planning, Public Policy, and Management (PPPM)
PPPM 445: Green Cities (John Arroyo)
UO Teach
EDST 635, Methods: Social Studies Concepts (Allie Ivey)
EDST 631: Methods: English Language Arts (Erica Milkovich)
Women & Gender Studies
WGS 341: Women, Work & Class (L. Stewart) [Note: Also taught this class with book during Spring 2019]
WGS 411: Feminist Praxis (Judith Raiskin)
Academic units engaging with the book beyond the classroom:
Education Studies
Environmental Studies
Planning, Public Policy & Management
Residence Life will be including the book within their regular student life programming