Where We Began

Common Reading at UO began in 2009 as an initiative of the Clark Honors College. In 2014, it expanded to include all first-year students. Common Reading is now coordinated by the Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success, and has had support from the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, the Division of Student Life, the Division of Equity and Inclusion, and the Center for the Study of Women in Society among others.

Although the book changes each year, Common Reading is always about building community, enriching curriculum, and engaging research through the shared reading of an important book.

Courses reading The Best We Could Do during 2018-2019:

ES 101: Intro to Ethnic Studies, Lynn Fujiwara
ASIA 111: Great Books on Asia, Tuong Vu, Alisa Freedman, Kathy Carpenter, D. Buck
HUM 110: large lecture, Erin Mckenna
 WR 123 with Steve Rust, Jenee Wilde, Emily Simnitt
SOC 207: Social Inequalities, Ellen Scott
HC 431H: Children and War, Shoshana Kerewsky
Graduate level Clinical Psychology courses, Shoshana Kerewsky
Art + Design ARC, Jessica Swanson
Community for Social Activism ARC, Noah Glusman
Carnegie Global Oregon ARC
Community for Multicultural Scholars ARC, Jeanne Hall
Global Engagement ARC
ENG250: Literature & Digital Culture, Emily Simnitt
ENG 280: Introduction to Comic Studies, Katherine Kelp-Stebbins
PD 223: Beginning Design Drawing, Trygve Faste
PD 323: Design Drawing, Trygve Faste
PD 410: Digital Sketching,  Trygve Faste
DST 640 – Constructing Meaning through Literacy, Audrey Lucero
EDST 627 Creating Supportive Classroom Communities, Julie Heffernan
8 FIGS including Andre Sirois, Allison Schmitke, Jason Schreiner, Ernesto Martinez, Julianne Newton, Erin McKenna, Kathie Carpenter, Robert Voelker-Morris
 ART Seminar on Zines and Comics, Eric Guerrero
Media & Social Action ARC, Charlie Butler
Service Learning Cohort
WR 122
ENG 607: Seminar on Comics Theory, Katherine Kelps-Stebbins
FHS 213, Family and Children, Steve Livingstone
HC 444: Ethics in America, Caroline Lundquist
HC 232: Nationalism & Regionalism, Tim Williams
FR 407: War in French Comics, Fabienne Moore
COLT 370: Comparative Comics: Wars, Recoveries, Politics, Palita Chunsaengchan
ARTR: 490   Issues & Practice in Printmaking, Amanda Wojick
ASIA 252: Intro to Ethnic Studies, Lynn Fujiwara
 McNair Scholars