I’m a first-year student; how/when do I get my book?

You will receive a free copy of the book during your IntroDUCKtion session.

I’m a transfer student, upperclassman, UO staff member, or community member. May I get a book?

Copies may be purchased at the UO Bookstore or from your favorite bookseller. And you are welcome to join in the conversation, events, and programming around the book via this website.

I’m a faculty member. How can I review a book to see if I want to incorporate it into my curriculum?

A limited number of review copies are available. Complete the request form to request a copy.

I’m a faculty member and I’ve decided to teach with the book. Now what?

Please tell us via the online form. There, you can also upload one of your course assignments and/or your syllabus to contribute to the UO faculty-generated teaching resources around the book.

How are books chosen?

The Common Reading Committee, a body of faculty, staff, and student volunteers chaired by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies, oversees the book selection process, curricular integration, event planning and coordination, and program publicity. Committee members represent several subject areas (e.g., the Clark Honors College, Humanities, Social Sciences) as well as programs from across campus (e.g., Residence Life, Parent and Family Programs, Orientation Programs, and First-Year Programs).

I just read a great book! Can it be the next Common Reading?

Members of the UO community are invited to suggest books for Common Reading that:

  • Appeal to first-year students (i.e., have a strong narrative or narrative voice that pulls readers in and builds empathy)
  • Focus on a subject of timely, topical relevance
  • Provide a strong intellectual hook, offering multiple jumping-off points for discussion, teaching, and research
  • Are accessible (in print, of readable length, etc.)

Please ensure your suggestion meets the above selection criteria, then complete the online nomination form.