Participating Courses

The Common Reading book is integrated into the curriculum for courses across campus. Some faculty develop courses specifically around the book (as with the Common Reading Signature Seminars marked with an * below).

Fall 2016

AAD 199, Portable Life Museum (Voelker-Morris)
AAD 199, Visualize a Better World (Turner)
ANTH 199, World Within Us (O’Bryan)
ARTS 490/590, Issues and Practices in Art (Wojick)
CH 199, Chemistry of Sustainability (Tyler & Johnson)
DAN 251, Looking at Dance (Ebert)
EDST 199, Education Revolution (Schmitke)
FLR 199, Politically Creative (Gilman)
FHS 213, Issues and Problems for Children and Families (Walters)
GEOG 199, Carnegie Global Oregon (Cohen)
GER 199, Explicit Content: Love, Sex and Film (Vogel)
HIST 199, Hidden History (O’Neal)
J 320, Gender, Media, & Diversity (Greene)
PHIL 199, Justice Matters (Brence)
PHIL 110, Human Nature (McKenna)
PSY 199, Students Without Borders (Measelle)
REL 199, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (Green)
SCAN 199, Stories We Tell (Gurley)
SOC 199, Cultural Encounters (Dreiling)
SOC 207, Social Inequalities (Scott)
TLC 199, Inside Higher Ed (Hagen)
TLC 199, Uncommon Reading (Simpson)
WGS 199, Human Hierarchies (Braun)
WR 122, College Composition II (Tougas)
WR 123, College Composition III (Rust; Tiwari; Tougas)

Winter 2017

*AAA 199, Create Change (Swanson)
*ANTH 199, Native Peoples and American Settler Colonialism (Mendoza)
DAN 251, Looking at Dance (Ebert)
EDST 225, School & Representation in Film (Smithers)
HPHY 324, Human Physiology II (Dawson)
*J 199, Comedy: Hero or Bully? (Jasheway)
*PHIL 199, Sp St Real Ethics (Lundquist)
WR 121, College Composition I (Copperman, LeRud, Lewis, Rovak, Tiwari)
WR 122, College Composition II (Anson, Godwin, Huang, O’Kelly, Rust)
WR 123, College Composition III (Ohman, Gazaille, Rust, Tiwari, Tougas)

Spring 2017

*COLT 199, France Noire: African-American Writers and Artists in France (Bayerl)
*CRWR 199, Written on the Body: Exploring Embodiment through Creative Nonfiction (Trapp)
*DAN 199, Dancing Identity (Ebert)
DAN 251, Looking at Dance (Ebert)
ENG 241, Introduction to African American Literature (Whalan)
WR 121/122, College Composition I & II (Lewis)

Summer 2017

COLT 360: Sleep Write: Criminals & Collective Dreamers (Crowson, 7/24-8/20)